The students will have to maintain high standard of discipline and obey rules and regulations of the college framed by the college authority from time to time.
1) It is compulsory for the students to wear the uniform while coming to the college. Students must wear their college ID cards in a visible manner at any time inside the campus.
2) Students must maintain an atmosphere of peace and observe strict silence in between class hours.
3) Every students is required to attend all the classes. Atlest 75% attendance is compulsory to qualify in the sessional examination.
4) Absentees must submit leave application duly signed by parents/ guardians to the principal.
5) Ragging is strictly prohibited both inside and outside the campus.
6) Students must not indulge in any kind of misconduct and indiscipline inside the college campus. Students should not damage the college property. Any student found guilty of damaging any property of the college shall be punished.
7) Students must keep their bicycles,bikes the area allotted for the purpose
8) College campus is a NO SMOKING zone.spitting, writing and sticking any thing on the college property is strictly prohibited. Everybody must maintain cleanliness inside college.
9) The students are not allowed to use MOBILE PHONES within the college campus.


Any violation of the rules will be viewed seriously and will be punished as per rule of the college.



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