Courses of Study
The College provides instruction in the following Courses of study.
(A) Three Years Degree Course, both Major and General, in Arts under Gauhati University.
(B) Self sponsored courses.

Degree Course ARTS

A student is required to take two compulsory subjects and two elective subjects. One of the subjects can be chosen as major subject and others as elective subject. The student offering major in English, Assamese will have to choose two elective subjects if they donot choose any of the MIL subject other than the major subject.


Combination of Subjects in TDC Semester SYSTEM

(A) Student can offer Major in any one by the following subjects.

Subject Abbreviation
English ESL
Assamese ASL
Economics ECO
Political Science PSC
Education EDN
Education HIS
Geography GGY


(B) General Course : Student may select any two subjects (for General Course) & Major Student any two subjects (for General Course) & Major Student may select any one subject from the following.

English (ENG)
MIL (Assamese/Hindi/Alt English (ASM/HIN/AEN)
Education (EDN)
Political Science (PSC)
History (HIS)
Geography (GGY)
Economics (ECO)
Elective Assamse (ASL)
Elective Hindi (HSL)
Vocational IT (Information Technology)
Folklore IT (Information Technology)
Folklore (FKL)

Abbreviations to be used in the prescribed Application Form for Admission to the TDC Course to denote the choice of subjects


* Restriction on subjects (Elective)
(1) History is not allowed with Economics.
(2) Folklore and ASL / HSL are not allowed with Information Technology / English (Major),
Geography (Major & General)

*Number of seats per subject:
The no. of seats available in each subject both in Major and General courses are
given in the following table.

Subjects Major General/Elective
ASM (MIL) - 300+
HINDI (MIL) - 20
ASL 30 75
ENG 25 300+
EDN 30 150
ECO 25 75
FKL - 50
GGY 25 50
HIS 25 75
HSL - 25
IT - 15
PSC 30 150


N.B: Admission to Major Course is subject to a student's performence in a written test conducted by respective departments as per schedule to be notified at the time of admission.


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